Spring-Summer 2020

Baubags creative PASSION

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Spring-Summer 2020

Baubags creative PASSION

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Spring-Summer 2020


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Elena Lorca


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About Us

After finishing my design studies at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), and my subsequent specialization in leather, I dedicated my first years to understand firsthand the internal functioning of the industry to which I wanted to dedicate myself in the future as an entrepreneur. I made a temporary stay in Sara Navarro as a FreeLancer designer, until I started working in one of the most important children's fashion companies worldwide. This facilitated me to deepen the market and benchmarking studies prior to design, being able to travel through the most important fashion centers in Europe. Later I was able to participate in international quality control and production activities, such as those in India. After several years of work, I thought I knew enough about how a large manufacturing company operates and was already willing to continue with my future plans. At that time I had to go deeper into the leather segment, which was the one to which I would devote my efforts onwards. I decided to leave the comfort of residing in my hometown, Malaga, where the afore mentioned company was also located, and to settle in Ubrique because I considered that it was there where I could start my final project. I spent some time expanding my studies, doing the Leather-Design Master at the MOVEX Leather Technology Center, which is that town of Cadiz, where world leading brands of the chosen sector converge. Nothing better to start taking off towards my dream ...! The first phase of my project has been to create a small leather products manufacturing factory, from which I have been able to learn and complete the whole production cycle - design, manufacturing ... -; acting especially as a producer for third parties, until knowing the associated technical, socioeconomic and cultural details, enough to be able to launch my own brand of leather goods: NINUIT

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Utility model
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Utility model
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Utility model

Utility Design Thinking

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  • Authenticity

    Our designs are the result of our own creativity, born from the encounter between empathy (active client listening) and permanent analysis of trends.

  • Versatility

    Designed to adapt easily and quickly to the different functions required, responding quickly to the changing needs of everyday life.

  • Usefulness

    Even though aesthetics and style are inseparable from them, their practical and effective sense acquires special relevance.

  • Excellence

    Faced to a market where "bad copies" and "low cost" trifles abound, a bet committed to the ancestral quality of artisan manufacturing.

  • Clarity

    With a transparent language, always open to share our experience as a way of serving our profession and society as a whole.

  • Commitment

    Respecting our raw material, which emanates from the skin recycled from the meat consumer market, the explicit renunciation of the use of resources from endangered species.

  • Honesty

    With respect to the applicable legislation at all times, and in compliance with our tax and labor commitments as a sign of identity.

  • Liability

    In willingness to recognize our failures and shortcomings as a firm commitment to continuous improvement in any aspect of our performance.

  • Passion

    Beyond our work... a way of life at the service of our dream.


04 Global Compact


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“As Commercial General Director, of one of the largest communication groups in Andalucia, I have learned to intuit what will end up being a great cover. And I assure you that Elena Lorca will end up filling many of them” Vicky Herrera General Director. Joly News Group
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““Throughout my trajectory in the fashion industry, few people combine passion for product and personal charm, as Elena Lorca does. She has a keen eye for collection building and a soft spot for premium quality, which combined with her attention to detail and natural talent equip Ninuit with the perfect cocktail for success."” Elena Herraiz Content Creator & Former Inditex Buyer
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“As a fashion lover, I consider myself a cool-hunter and since I know Elena I have the assurance that she always knows how to get ahead of what others end up offering” Inés Diaz Interpreter and Fashion model
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Utility-driven innovation

The fusion of craftsmanship and innovation results in exclusive leather bag designs .This new brand, inspired by innovation and driven by usability, offers versatile and functional handbags specially created to adapt themselves to the changing needs of our daily lives.We value what brings ease to our lives without the need to give up on our own unique style. .

Adaptive Handbags

Having multiple handbags in one is now posible thanks to a unique utility design that enables us, by using adjustable straps, to readapt our bag according to our needs at every moment.

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